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Gentec Test offers a wide range of testing probes for universal test machine and laminates for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.
  Gentec test supplies a large selection of spring contact probes for all applications from standard size and tip style to specific custom made.

- Standard probes - High current - SPLM - (Head types info)



Grid (mm)

Working stroke (mm) Max stroke (mm) Current rating Typ contact resistance Total length
GLP 3...GHC 3.18 4.32 6.35 15A 50mΩ 33.27
GLP 4...GHC 4.75 4.32 6.35 20A 50mΩ 33.78
GLP 5...GHC 4.75 4.32 6.35 25A 50mΩ 36.07